Some Photos...

In 29th May 2004, I was married with my beautiful wife Jana Bratova.

The telescope at my observatory in Winter 2001/2002. After 1m of snow thawed, I was able to rake off the second meter from my observatory.

Me and my astronomical telescope (Reflector 250/1500 mm) in summer 2001.




Geting the bachelor of science's diploma in October 2000 in Brno, Czech Republic.


Swearing the loyality to Masaryque University before getting the diploma.



Peter and me in summer 1993 in Giant Mountains. After the mountain tour...



What a beautiful scenery. I love the mountain's country, especially the Giant Mountain's country, of course.



Me after variable stars observing sometimes in summer 1996, Vyskov observatory.



Night seaside gulf in Baska, Krk island, Chroatia in summer 1995.



Hungary, 11th August, 1999 - total solar eclipse. The first contact.



After total solar eclipse in Hungary, 1999. Me at waterside of Balaton lake.



My observing location. In altitude about 830 m above sea-level, there is very clear night sky in Giant Mountains.



But in winter, night temperatures used to be lower then -10d or -15d Celsius...



Working for kids. In winter 1996, I worked as skiing - instructor for kids from Kolin's elementary.



Working for kids. In summer 1997, I worked as pedagogue companion in summer school.