New variables discovered by Friedhelm Hund, Radek Dreveny and Anton Paschke

There are shown all new variable stars discovered by Radek Dreveny, Anton Paschke and Friedhelm Hund in the following table.

List of new variables according to the discoverer:
Anton, Friedhelm, Peter Teichrib, Radek, Thomas Sauer, all

Found total 2 records:

RafV # Designation CONS RA DE Field Year observed variation MAX MIN TYPE Band Discoverer
cross-id publication note Period Basic min/max inserted
132RafV132Gem07:52:58+21:48:40U Gem2009 15.7 EWccdThomas Sauer
131RafV131Pav19:09:02-63:42:18NGC 674420081.1 mag17.418.5RRabccdThomas Sauer

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