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0003Minima Kurt Locher 2004-2005
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Kurt Locher2005-10-13
 Minima observed 2004..2005 by Kurt Locher visually, not accepted by IBVS as part of BBSAG Bulletin.

Simbad object(s): UU And, WZ And, XZ And, CP And, CU And, EP And, GZ And, HS And, V425 And, GSC 2775-1188, UU Aqr, XZ Aqr, AT Aqr, CX Aqr, CZ Aqr, GK Aqr, GSC 568-1658, XZ Aql, LT Aql, V479 Aql, ...


Bc. Luboš Brát wrote 2005-10-21:
Congratulation Mr. Locher!
almost 400 observations of eclipsing binaries in two years - I don't know any other visual observer, who is able to do such great work!

Anton Paschke wrote 2005-11-23:
Star GSC 263.256 Leo.
The minimum 54464.496 should be 53464.496.
In OCGATE will be used the correct value.

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