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0031Two New Variable Stars in Draco
159 kB
Martin Nicholson, Paul Watkins2006-05-19
 A second search for variable stars has been conducted in the publicly available data of the Northern Sky Variability Survey (NSVS). The statistical properties of the star, the magnitude, magnitude scatter and median error were entered into a multi-factor algorithm to evaluate the most promising stars for further examination and analysis. The default settings for the NSVS user interface were used except, following the suggestion of Wils, Lloyd and Bernhard (2006), the APINCOMPL flag was set and the RADECFLIP flags unset.

Simbad object(s): GSC 04182-00325, IRAS 15181+6241,


Eric Whiting wrote 2006-05-19:
For some strange reason the Vizier catalog J/AJ/128/2965 does not appear to have been placed in Simbad! One of your stars is this one although nowhere in Simbad, weird!

John Greaves wrote 2006-05-21:
IRAS 15181+6241 = NSVS 2786631 is the known variable NSVS 1519039+623050.

As already noted more generally in comment 1, which appears to give the NSVS red variables source reference.

Using the information gleaned via VSX in tandem with the NSVS lightcurve the upgrading of the variability type to M is a useful revision, but the object is neither new nor is the newly published period significantly different from that already published.


Wolfgang Renz wrote 2006-05-30:
The amplitude of NSVS 1519039+623050 doesn't reach 1 mag in the ROTSE-I NSVS data that are effectivly R band like mags. Although the amplitude will be a bit higher in the V band, it for sure won't exceed 2.5 magV. So I don't think that it should be classified as Mira star. According to the GCVS classification it should be classfied as SR: untill more data are available. See M classification in:

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