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0101Recovery of W Dor & SS Pav
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Mati Morel2009-04-01
 Innes (1921) reported a list of 11 stars as being variable. A careful examination of the material presented by Innes in his paper, in its entirety, allows me to draw some conclusions about the quality of certain plates used. Two variables, W Dor and SS Pav, which have been hitherto unidentifiable, can now be identified.

Simbad object(s): W Dor, SS Pav,


Mati Morel wrote 2010-07-16:
Study of newspaper reports from Jan/Feb 1919 tends
to confirm my surmise that wildfire smoke most probably caused poor seeing over Melbourne Observ-atory. The weather in Victoria in Jan. 1919 was hot and dry, and record high temperatures, >38deg C., were recorded late in the month.
According to the 'Melbourne Argus', a severe fire had already broken out by Wed. 29 Jan. 1919 at Mt. Cole to the west of Melbourne. In the following days other fires erupted at Cheltenham, Daylesford and other places, forming an arc around Melbourne. A summary of the weekend fires is given in the "Argus" of Mon. 3 Feb. 1919, p4. Under these circumstances poor seeing at the Observatory due to bushfire smoke would not be surprising.

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