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0106Period analysis of the eclipsing binary DM Del
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Petr Zasche, Robert Uhlar, Petr Svoboda2009-06-08
 The eclipsing binary system DM Del reveals changes of its orbital period. These variations could be described as a result of orbiting the eclipsing pair around a common center of mass with an unseen companion with the period about 33 years. Seven new minima observations were carried out by the authors.

Simbad object(s): DM Del,


Ennio Poretti wrote 2009-06-09:
Speculative results. When performing a study of an already known variable star, all the previous analyses should be considered. In case of new hypothesis, old results should be re-interpreted. In this case the authors do not consider the previous (excellent) orbital solutions. By introducing the third body hypotesis, they should explain if and how the previous solutions (Manimanis & Niarchos 2002, Gudur et al. 1987, AASuppl. 67, 87) are compatible with the new hypothesis. For instance, Gudur et al (1987) report an excellent fit of their two-colour light curves by using a model of a contact system with very well defined (and fully realistic) physical parameters. By introducing a third light as bright as the binary system, are the authors able to obtain a similar excellent fit? Yes or no, the authors must discuss the point in a scientific way, without speculations.

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