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0161A new W UMa eclipsing binary near V2553 Oph
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Jakub Juryšek, Kateřina Hoňková2013-12-10
 The new variable star CzeV388 Oph = GSC 1003-2303 = USNO-B1.0 1037-0272001 has been discovered near V2553 Oph by means of CCD photometry. Based on shape of the light curve, amplitude and period (P = 0d.397663) it is a W UMa type eclipsing binary. Five timings of primary and secondary minima were obtained. We have registered this star in VSX (Variable Star Index, AAVSO), and this star was named VSX J172448.6+134706.

Simbad object(s): GSC 1003-2303,


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