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0185CzeV - The Czech Variable Star Catalogue
1826 kB
Skarka, M., Mašek, M., Brát, L., Cagaš, Pa., Juryšek, J., Hoňková, K., Zejda, M., Šmelcer, L., Jelínek, M., Lomoz, F. et al.2017-09-25
 We present the first release of the Czech Variable star catalogue that currently contains 1228 stars whose variability was discovered by 60 Czech observers. The catalogue contains confirmed variable stars of various types, but also candidates. We give precise coordinates, cross identification with other catalogues, information about constellation, variability type, brightness, light elements, name of the discoverer and year of discovery. In eighty-eight percent of stars the variability type is estimated, for more than 60 % of the stars the light ephemerides are given.

Simbad object(s): 2MASS 05090761+3314580, UCAC4 206-019237, UCAC4 205-019311, UCAC4 194-055931, UCAC4 185-075373, UCAC4 185-073602, UCAC4 185-073582, UCAC4 184-072609, UCAC4 184-072500, UCAC4 184-071992, UCAC4 180-102987, UCAC4 178-105380, UCAC4 175-143466, UCAC4 173-071017, UCAC4 145-071071, UCAC4 144-083547, UCAC4 140-077760, UCAC4 137-078690, UCAC4 114-058349, UCAC4 109-061421, ...


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