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0197Proceedings of the 50th Conference on Variable Stars Research
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Kocián R., Bahýl V., Gajtanska M., Tinh Pham Van, Breus V., Andronov I.L., Dubovsky P., Petrik K., Zola S., Dienstbier V., Wolf M., Skarka M., Gális R., Merc J., Leedjärv L., Vrašťák M., Karpov S., Kára J., Teyssier F., Hanisko P., Kurfürst P., Krtička J., Cagaš P., Zejda M., Andrych K.D., Gajdoš P., Parimucha Š., Kabáth P., Zasche P., Pejcha O.2019-04-30
 The Basic Informatics approach applied to the Modeling and Observations of the QS Virginis System, Variability of the Spin Periods of Intermediate Polars: Recent Results, A new multi-periodic delta Scuti variable in the field of NS Cep, The peculiar outburst activity of the symbiotic binary AG Draconis, Activity of flare star GJ 3236, The activity of the symbiotic binary Z Andromedae and its latest outburst, Improvement of Simplified Models of Variability of Stars: A review, The Informatics in the Doppler Tomography Modeling of the Envelopes of the Close Binaries Systems, Modeling variability of Be stars, Using neural networks in searching for variable stars, Modeling the effects of interaction between supernova ejecta and dense circumstellar material, FLEXIBLE VARIABLE STAR EXTRACTOR: new software for detection of variable stars, MAVKA: Software for statistically optimal determination of extrema, New tool with GUI for fitting O-C diagrams, Exoplanetary reseach in Czech Republic, Binaries at Charles University, Double eclipsing systems: from observer’s perspective, The Next 50 Years of Variable Star and Exoplanet Section

Simbad object(s): V1323 Her, QS Vir, NS Cep, TYC 4246-751-1, TYC 4246-883-1, V405 Aur, FO Aqr, V2306 Cyg, V709 Cas, AG Dra, GJ 3236, Z And, AG Dra, AG Peg, HBHA 1704-05, TT Hyd, U Sge, CG Aur, V974 Cyg, V345 Lac, ...


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