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Ondrej Pejcha on the school trip, 2000
Photo from school trip to Palava, CZ, 2000, courtesy of R. Lang

Curriculum vitae

personal data: born March 8th 1984 in Brno, Czech Republic

1997 - 2003: High school Slovanske namesti 7, Brno, Czech Republic

2003 - 2006: BSc in General Physics at MFF CUNI. BSc thesis Binary gravitational microlensing.

2006 - 2008: MSc in theoretical physics at MFF CUNI. MSc thesis Resolving stellar surfaces with binary gravitational microlensing.

since September 2008: PhD in Astronomy at Ohio State University

key-words: astronomy - variable stars; astronomy - popularization; astronomy - microlensing; meteorology - predicting weather for variable stars' observing; computers - software for astronomy and MP3; English; Russian; the Holy Quran

Member of CAS, B.R.N.O., MEDUZA, SMPH, GSN

Research activities

long period variables (miras, SRs), short period pulsating stars (RR Lyr), symbiotic binaries (optical observations)

CCD VRI observations at Nicholas Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium, visual "eye ball" observations (10 inch Dobsonian scope)


My ADS entry

And somewhat popular articles in Cirkular of the MEDUZA group and Perseus, Journal of the BRNO - VSS of CAS.

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