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The OEJV has been relaunched under http://oejv.physics.muni.cz/.

The Open European Journal on Variable Stars, alias OEJV is an on-line electronic journal for results, analysis and studies of Variable Stars. Since August 2006, OEJV has recruited an international editorial board. Each paper is read by the editors who then vote to accept or reject submitted papers.

All OEJV publications are included in Smithsonian/NASA ADS (Astrophysics Data System) and Simbad database.

Here you will find tables with extreme ranges of brightness for a variety of variables, times of minima of Eclipsing Binaries and times of maxima of pulsating stars. Results obtained from both visual and CCD's are accepted. The OEJV is open to anyone who wishes to publish their observations or results of research.

OEJV is supported by the Variable Star Section of Czech Astronomical Society.

Dr. Marek Skarka, technical editor
Ladislav Smelcer, president of VSES

The OEJV is registered as on-line continuous journal: ISSN 1801-5964.
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