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0036Confirmation of 109 objects in the NSV Catalogue as red long period variables
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John Greaves2006-06-03
 Colours are derived from online surveys for suspected variables in the NSV having good positions and a red subset of the resultant data is assessed against the NSVS online time series database

Objekty Simbad: NSV 98, NSV 135, NSV 288, NSV 499, NSV 709, NSV 854, NSV 877, NSV 880, NSV 930, NSV 953, NSV 994, NSV 1210, NSV 1211, NSV 1343, NSV 1371, NSV 1383, NSV 1448, NSV 1473, NSV 1481, NSV 1497, ...


James Bedient napsal dne 2006-06-22:
I find it a little curious that at least one star (NSV 25617) is included both in this paper and a prior paper by Mr. Greaves, OEJV #33, which has an almost identical title. Was it confirmed in the previous paper, or not?

It would be more instructive to use both the ASAS and the NSVS data on this star to develop a more complete light curve, and at least hazard a guess as to type of variability beyond "red long period variable".

John Greaves napsal dne 2006-06-22:
I checked number 33 three times for objects common to this submission and found several, but however either completely missed this one, or forgot to delete it... ...hopefully I didn't delete the wrong one, ie one adjacent, as I caught myself doing in another case that I had to correct before submission!

Yes it would be instructive to give further analyses, you are free to do so at any time. There is now known to be a set of NSV objects that are real, for note that I note how many this subset was gleaned from, most of which were shown as not real variables.

This allows progression for any interested parties to come along and follow up on stars they can be sure are variable, and not false alarms.

Further, I will simply state that the SIMBAD people gave me a note of thank you for useful work on these two papers, as they resolved issues and connected objects, with many of these NSV objects not even in SIMBAD at all prior to this.

Progression sometimes is piecemeal.

The methodology is now also evidenced, so others can utilize it if they so wish, most likely honing and extending and improving on the system.

This is a finding list, not a claim of discovery, these stars are not _mine_, these stars belong to their finders at one level, and everyone at another level, all of whom can do research upon them.


John G.

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