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0010OT And - a Long Period EA Binary with Increasing O-C
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Dieter Husar2005-12-18
 Results are compared with Crawford, R.C. et al., IBVS 2624 (1984). There seems to be indication for increasing O-C. Further observations are encouraged to improve the current elements.

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Bc. Lubos Brat wrote 2005-12-18:
Dear Mr. Husar, have you compared your method of minimum determination (extrem of fitted polynominals) with Kwee-van Woerden method? The results shall be the same according to error values.

Dieter Husar wrote 2005-12-23:
Dear Mr Brat,
yes, I have made a comparison.
The Kwee-van-Woerden method agrees within the given errors. In fact for the first observation the difference was only: +0.0011 d and for the second observation: -0.0019. Especially for the second observation with the larger fluctuations the differences depend on the selection of the observations used for the Kwee-van-Woerden estimation. However: in any case it was within the given errors for the minimum timings.
Best regards, Dieter Husar

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