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0017A survey of “Flaring Orion Variables” in the NSVS Database.
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Martin Nicholson, Hannah Varley2006-01-21
 A survey of "Flaring Orion Variables" based on NSVS data suggests that some examples have been misclassified in the General Catalogue of Variable Stars.

Simbad object(s): V1257 ORI, V718 ORI, V1254 ORI, V1236 ORI, V389 ORI, V1181 ORI, UZ ORI, V863 ORI, V751 ORI, V778 ORI, V1153 ORI, V939 ORI, V705 ORI, V385 ORI, V1075 ORI, V766 ORI, V1144 ORI, V870 ORI, V1142 ORI, V1296 ORI, ...


Ondrej Pejcha wrote 2006-01-23:
I noticed some correlation between your "mean rate of change" and the mean magnitude as judged from the plots. Did you try to compute the parameters (range, mean rate of change etc.) also for constant stars of roughly the same magnitude to see whether the selected stars are actually variable?

Wolfgang Renz wrote 2006-05-17:
Are you sure that you are not just measuring noise ?
ROTSE1 data in the 12 and 14 mag range might not be as good as you think !

Martin Nicholson wrote 2006-05-18:
Observations with a much larger scope show very similar results - the research paper will appear in OEJV this year (I hope!)

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