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0019Period, Amplitude and Light Curve of V38 in M13
466 kB
Violat Bordonau, F., Arranz Heras, T., Diez Gago, A.2006-01-23
 We have measured the period and amplitude of the new red variable star V38 (L414), of M13 (NGC 6205, C 1639+365), using CCDs and amateur telescopes (35.5-, 30.5- and 20.3-cm) from Spain in the years 2001-2005. The analysis of our CCD frames shows that V38 is a red variable star with a period of approximately 81 days, and low amplitude nearly 0.08 magnitudes: the period agrees with Osborn' s (1977) measures, but the period and amplitude with Kopacki' s et al. (2003) data. Also for 14 radial velocities published we find a pulsating period P = 83 days, consistent with the others three periods founded.comments0

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