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0023Proceedings of the 37th Conference on Variable Stars Research
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Brat L., Graf T., Hric L., Chrastina M., Ledvinka S., Mikulasek Z., Molik P., Motl D., Paschke A., Pecharova P., Pejcha O., Petrik K., Skalicky J., Svoboda P., Szasz G., Smelcer L., Svaricek P., Zejda M.2006-02-11
 T UMi Keeps Mysterious * Gravitational Microlensing and Variable Stars * O-C Gateway * Open European Journal on Variable stars * Experiences with Technology for Variable Star CCD Observing * Apsidal Motion of CO Lacertae * ALTAN.Observatory Annual Report 2005 * V839 Oph - 60 Years After Its Discovery * Proposal of Observational Program of CCD Monitoring of 30 Carbon Miras * Codes Normles1 and Normles – Light Curve Examination Tools * BL Cam * The Role of Nicholas Copernicus * Planetarium and Observatory In Astronomical Education * The CzeV Catalogue – Czech Variable Stars * Periodic Changes in O-C Diagrams * Bohemian Regional Network of Observers * Analysis of Van Houtens Estimates of Variable Stars From Photographic Plates * 12 New Variable Stars * Project Prosper * Updated ephemeris, (O-C) diagrams and light fluctuations of the supersoft X-ray source QR And * Photometry of the supersoft X-ray source V Sagittae during its large outburst in 2004

Simbad object(s): T UMi, BH Cru, LX Cyg, R Hya, CO Lac, V839 Oph, V1500 Cyg, BX And, V523 Cas, V 374 Aql, S Aur, UV Aur, AU Aur, AZ Aur, S Cam, R CMi, W Cas, X Cas, HV Cas, S Cep, ...


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