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0048Extrema timings of some short-period variable stars
103 kB
Anton Paschke2006-08-17
 A list of recently observed minima and maxima.

Simbad object(s): GSC 2850-1075, ZZ Sgr, V2298 Oph, V709 Oph, V528 Oph, V448 Oph, V441 Oph, GSC 6686-0470, RT Equ, SX Del, V454 CrA, Y Crv, CL Cir, AQ Cir, VY Cir, RZ Cir, RR Cir, Y Cir, TX Cha, TU Cha, ...


Anton Paschke wrote 2006-09-02:
Unfortunately I made two typing misstakes.
The correct maxima times of HH Aqr are

Anton Paschke wrote 2007-07-20:
Another mistake was found: the maximum of UW Aps
must be corrected by +1 hour, due to confusion caused by timezone/summertime and country specific settings in the Windows operating system on the
different computers used.
The correct value is 53918.506

Anton Paschke wrote 2007-11-28:
Third and worst mistake found.
GSC 2850-1075 Vir should read
GSC 0285-1075 Vir.
The coordinates belong to GSC 2850-1075 point
to the constellation Perseus and are wrong too.

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