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0065CCD photometry of CF Tuc and a note on the orbital period
135 kB
J.L. Innis, D.W. Coates, T.G. Kaye2007-07-23
 CF Tuc is a far–southern example of an RS CVn–type eclipsing binary. The orbital period of just under 2.8 d is known to be variable, although the reasons for this variation are not clear. A small number of CCD observations of CF Tuc were obtained at the Brightwater Observatory in 2006 September–November. While phase cover was incomplete, a primary minimum was well observed. This time of minimum indicates that the period has been constant since 1995, and hence that the period change predicted to occur sometime after 1999 has not taken place. We derive an updated ephemeris of HJD 2453994.140 (± 0.005) + 2.797481 (± 0.000008) × E, where E is the cycle number.

Simbad object(s): CF Tuc,


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