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0068Two bright eclipsing binaries solved with the help of visual observations
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Sebastián A. Otero, Pavol A. Dubovský, Federico Claus2007-09-26
 Visual observations of V975 Cen and NSV 15737 were combined with photometric data from the Hipparcos and ASAS databases to determine the elements for these eclipsing binaries. V975 Cen is an Am+F binary in an extremely eccentric orbit with elements HJD 2454217.582 (±0.080) + 135.9255 (±0.0015) x E. NSV 15737 is an EA-system made up of very different components with elements HJD 2454329.479 (±0.001) + 8.161235 (±0.000001) x E.

Simbad object(s): NSV 15737, V975 Cen,


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