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0073A list of minima and maxima timings
141 kB
Anton Paschke2007-10-25
 The list contains minima of eclipsing and maxima of pulsatings stars, it continues the list published in OEJV 0048.

Simbad object(s): GSC 02850-01075, NSV 00001, MN TrA, TY Tau, CX Ser, V487 Sco, V675 Sgr, V440 Sgr, YY Sgr, GSC2.2 N033031028158, GSC2.2 N033031026576, BX Peg, ZZ Peg, EG Ori, NSV 07748, V2298 Oph, V710 Oph, V709 Oph, V509 Oph, V487 Oph, ...


Anton Paschke wrote 2007-11-28:
GSC 2850-1075 Vir should read
GSC 0285-1075 Vir.
The coordinates belong to GSC 2850-1075, point
to the constellation Perseus and are wrong too.

Anton Paschke wrote 2009-12-18:
NSV 05740
Namibia and central Europe have the same timezone,
but due to summer/winter time switching there is
always a difference. Forgetting that and using
another computer for observing in a certain night
produces errors of +-1 hour that are difficult
to prove later.
The minimum of NSV 05740 Com may be 54261.468,
2 hours later then published.

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