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0075Proceedings of the 38th Conference on Variable Stars Research
2097 kB
L. Brát, R. Hudec, V. Šimon, I. Kudzej, P. A. Dubovský, T. Dorokhova, N. Dorokhov, N. Koshkin, Š. Parimucha, A. Ryabov, M. Vadila, F. Munz, J. Štrobl, C. Bartolini, A. Guarnieri, A. Piccioni, D. Hanžl, P. Sobotka, P. Škoda2007-11-03
 Astronomical Plate Archives and Amateur Variable Stars Researchers, The ESA Gaia Mission and Variable Stars, First Results of CCD and Photoelectric Photometry on Astronomical Observatory at Kolonica Saddle, How Can Amateur Astronomers and Small Observatories Contribute to Recent Astrophysics, Investigation of Cataclysmic variables and related objects with the INTEGRAL satellite, Photometry of the X-ray transient CI Cam – opportunity for CCD observers, Reliability of the INTEGRAL OMC optical data, The Virtual Observatory and its Benefits for Amateur Astronomers, Visual and CCD observing of cataclysmic variables and related objects

Simbad object(s): V Sge, KV UMa, CH UMa, DO Dra, QR And, GS Gem, V1011 Cyg, CI Cam, RS Oph, IX Vel, GK Per, V2400 Oph, V1432 Aql, V1223 Sgr, Mark 501, Mark 421, OJ 287, ON 231, OQ 530, PKS0420-014, ...


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