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0091New and Confirmed Eclipsing Binaries In the ASAS-3 and NSVS Databases
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Sebastián A. Otero2008-08-18
 This research presents a list of elements for 120 eclipsing binaries using data from the ASAS-3, NSVS and Hipparcos databases. Some of the systems studied are new and others are confirmed or had wrong elements in the literature.

Simbad object(s): HD 185990, TYC 479-253-1, GSC 6889-0302, GSC 6880-1632, CD-37 12814, ZZ CrA, GSC 4442-1114, GSC 4222-0613, GSC 4429-0655, GSC 4428-1044, V451 Sco, SON 8681, NSV 9626, HD 160632, NSV 9555, AI Pav, GSC 4421-1708, GSC 4577-0707, NSV 8300, LY Nor, ...


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