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0095Proceedings of the 39th Conference on Variable Stars Research
10833 kB
L. Brát, M. Spurny, M. Krizek, R. Hudec, J. Zicha, M. Nekola, T. Dorokhova, P. A. Dubovsky, I. Kudzej, N. Dorokhov, A. Ryabov, P. Švaříček, M. Chrastina, F. Hroch, V. Šimon, L. Hudec, F. Munz, S. Parimucha, Ľ. Hambálek, A. Skopal, R. Slošiar, P. Zasche, S. Poddaný2008-11-22
 Alternative Solution for an Low-Cost Optical All-Sky Monitor, The beginning of asteroseismological observations at Kolonica Saddle, The Binary Stars With Pulsating Component, CCD Photometry: Measurement uncertainity, ESA Gaia and Variable Objects, Identification and Analyses in Optical Light of Gamma-ray Sources with Astronomical Archival Plates, Superhumps in Kolonica, New Variables In Archival CCD Fields, Objects of High Energy Astrophysics as Optically Variable Objects, On the light curves of symbiotic stars, On the Possibility of the Amateur Detection of GRBs by Ionospheric Response, Optical Photometry of Be/X-ray Binary V 615 Cas = LS I +61°303, Recommended tips for variable stars observers, Transiting Explanet Light Curve Solution by Phoebe Code

Simbad object(s): HD 177863, V2314 Oph, VW Ari, TrES-1 b, WASP-2 b, V2083 Cyg, V2388 Oph, V 819 Her, DN UMa, V1031 Ori, V 592 Per, V 773 Cas, V 348 And, V 615 Cas, GRB 060124A, CI Cyg, AX Per, V1329 Cyg, BF Cyg, AG Dra, ...


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