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0108Chromospherically active stars in the OGLE-II database: Paper 1. 25 new variables
1321 kB
Klaus Bernhard2009-08-13
 Abstract: 25 new chromospherically active stars are presented, which were found in the OGLE-II database: OGLE-II NOR_SC1_127324, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_268450, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_648283, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_268274, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_293840, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_475761, OGLE-II BUL_SC33_691176, OGLE-II BUL_SC35_347003, OGLE-II BUL_SC35_369625, OGLE-II BUL_SC35_521447, OGLE-II BUL_SC35_544397, OGLE-II BUL_SC35_555023, OGLE-II BUL_SC35_576350, OGLE-II BUL_SC36_204166, OGLE-II BUL_SC36_636869, OGLE-II BUL_SC45_125532, OGLE-II BUL_SC45_126250, OGLE-II CAR_SC1_35056, OGLE-II CAR_SC1_38287, OGLE-II CAR_SC1_85427, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_280309, OGLE-II BUL_SC5_194541, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_14642, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_280505, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_281800

Simbad object(s): OGLE BUL-SC4 281800, OGLE BUL-SC4 280505, OGLE BUL-SC4 14642, OGLE BUL-SC5 194541, OGLE BUL-SC4 280309, OGLE CAR-SC1 85427, OGLE CAR-SC1 38287, OGLE CAR-SC1 35056, OGLE BUL-SC45 126250, OGLE BUL-SC45 125532, OGLE BUL-SC36 636869, OGLE BUL-SC36 204166, OGLE BUL-SC35 576350, OGLE BUL-SC35 555023, OGLE BUL-SC35 544397, OGLE BUL-SC35 521447, OGLE BUL-SC35 369625, OGLE BUL-SC35 347003, OGLE BUL-SC33 691176, OGLE BUL-SC4 475761, ...


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