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0109Proceedings of the 40th Conference on Variable Stars Research
4423 kB
R. Kocian, V. Pribik , L. Brat, R. Hudec, M. Spurny, M. Krizek, P. Pata, R. Slosiar, M. Rerabek, S. Poddany, M. Hrudkova, V. Simon, L. Hudec, M. Kocka, T. Krejcova, P. Chadima, P. Harmanec, O. Demircan, A. Paschke, 2009-09-21
 A new HADS type variable star in Auriga, Alternative methods for detection of GRBs, Brief demonstration of the new developed database of the transiting planets, Can we find other bodies in transiting extrasolar systems?, ESA Gaia: The variability based on low dispersion spectra, Photometry of extrasolar planets, SID monitor indirect observation and monitoring of Solar flares, The mysterious and complicated interacting binary beta Lyr, new proof of the existence of various structures of a circumstellar matter, The O-C gate, The strange optically variable source SWIFT J195509+261406 and implication for optical observers

Simbad object(s): HD 165763, NGC 7009, SWIFT J195509.6+261406, GRB 070610, GRO J1744-28, V4641 Sgr, bet Lyr, TrES-2, CI Cam, X Cyg X-1, X Sco X-1, SS 433, XTE J1118+480, GRO J1655-40, HD 190918, HS0822+3542, X Cam, CoRoT-Exo-2, HD 189733, HD 209458, ...


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