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0116A list of minima and maxima timings
99 kB
Anton Paschke2009-12-09
 The list contains minima of eclipsing and maxima of pulsating stars, it continues the list published in OEJV 0073.

Simbad object(s): V0448 Oph, V0441 Oph, V0415 Oph, V0413 Oph, V0408 Oph, XZ Oph, VY Oph, SW Oph, Y Oct, GSC 08722-00769, DE Lyn, SX Lup, EH Lib, AP Leo, XZ Leo, XY Leo, NSV 14186, AO Ind, RS Ind, GSC 06686-00470, ...


Anton Paschke wrote 2011-07-18:
The EW star in Coma Berenice identified as NSV 05740 = GSC 1992.02108 is in fact GSC 1991.01676 His year 2000 coordinates 12:32:25 +27:06:15 are very close to the 1950 coordinates of NSV 05740.

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