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0117Chromospherically active stars in the OGLE-II database: Paper 2. Another 25 new variables
1218 kB
Klaus Bernhard2009-12-09
 Another 25 new chromospherically active stars are presented, which were found in the OGLE-II database: OGLE-II BUL_SC4_463586, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_649863, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_661351, OGLE-II BUL_SC4_636297, OGLE-II BUL_SC39_97323, OGLE-II BUL_SC39_68727, OGLE-II BUL_SC39_111735, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_462536, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_451975, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_451926, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_463762, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_452586, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_628838, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_655399, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_652986, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_629202, OGLE-II BUL_SC1_608452, OGLE-II BUL_SC45_102713, OGLE-II BUL_SC45_78178, OGLE-II BUL_SC45_101976, OGLE-II BUL_SC45_101872, OGLE-II BUL_SC45_101465, OGLE-II BUL_SC45_268912, OGLE-II BUL_SC45_268843, OGLE-II BUL_SC2_745969

Simbad object(s): OGLE BUL-SC2 745969, OGLE BUL-SC45 268843, OGLE BUL-SC45 268912, OGLE BUL-SC45 101465, OGLE BUL-SC45 101872, OGLE BUL-SC45 101976, OGLE BUL-SC45 78178, OGLE BUL-SC45 102713, OGLE BUL-SC1 608452, OGLE BUL-SC1 629202, OGLE BUL-SC1 652986, OGLE BUL-SC1 655399, OGLE BUL-SC1 628838, OGLE BUL-SC1 452586, OGLE BUL-SC1 463762, OGLE BUL-SC1 451926, OGLE BUL-SC1 451975, OGLE BUL-SC1 462536, OGLE BUL-SC39 111735, OGLE BUL-SC39 68727, ...


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