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012140 previously unreported variable stars in the OGLE-II database
1216 kB
M. P. Nicholson2010-03-05
 Details of 40 previously unreported variable stars in the OGLE-II database are reported. The phase plots indicate that 34 are eclipsing binary stars of the EA subtype, 4 are eclipsing binary stars of the EB subtype, 1 is an eclipsing binary star of the EW subtype and 1 is a pulsating variable star of the RV Tauri type.

Simbad object(s): 2MASS J11054998-6131521, 2MASS J11070397-6126450, 2MASS J11084257-6128404, 2MASS J11093077-6043018, 2MASS J13572196-6319063, 2MASS J16121245-5427297, 2MASS J16145635-5336269, 2MASS J16161980-5359411, 2MASS J16165892-5328577, 2MASS J16240706-5231050, 2MASS J16254555-5202176, 2MASS J16412665-4423320, 2MASS J17003058-4435568, 2MASS UCAC3 092-285054, 2MASS J11063560-6140119, 2MASS J11071145-6131226, 2MASS J11084840-6140069, 2MASS J11104169-6108597, 2MASS J13575494-6305467, 2MASS J16144301-5358564, ...


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