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0122Two new variable stars observed in the field of the extrasolar planet host star WASP-3
1068 kB
M. Damasso, A. Carbognani, P. Calcidese, P. Giacobbe, A. Bernagozzi, E. Bertolini, M.G. Lattanzi, R. Smart, A. Sozzetti2010-03-05
 We report the discovery of two new short-period variable stars in the Lyra constellation, GSC2.3 N208000326 and GSC2.3 N20B000251, observed at the Astronomical Observatory of Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley. Photometric measurements collected during several days are presented and discussed. One star appears to be a δ,, Scuti pulsating star (P=0.07848018±0.00000006 days, pulsation amplitudes Δ,,V~0.055 mag and Δ,,R~0.045, (V-R)average=0.378±0.009, probable spectral type F2). The identity of the second star (P=0.402714±0.000008 days) resulted more difficult to be understood. We propose that this object should be classified as an eclipsing binary system where ~0.065 mag and ~0.055 are, respectively, the depths of the primary and secondary minimum in the light curve, as measured with a non standard R filter.

Simbad object(s): GSC2.3 N208000326, GSC2.3 N20B000251,


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