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0125Proceedings of the 41st Conference on Variable Stars Research
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R.Kocian, E.Plavalova, N.A.Solovaya, E.M.Pittich, O.V.Kiyaeva, L.Smelcer , P.Zasche, V.Simon, R.V.Simon, C.Polasek, M.Jelinek, R.Hudec, J.Strobl, M.Chrastina, M.Zejda, Z.Mikulasek2010-07-23
 In November 2009, another national conference on variable stars, stellar astrophysics in general and on extrasolar planets was organised by Variable Star and Exoplanet section of Czech Astronomical Society. The conference was held in beautiful and one of the oldest observatory in Czech republic - Stefanik Observatory in Prague. Our conferences on variable star research provide unique opportunities for meetings between professional and amateur astronomers and have become a crucial platform for exchanging information and sharing knowledge. These events help to keep the local astronomical community alive and active. This years conference was held on a weekend from November 27 to November 29. All almost 40 participants were able to witness the richness of our field and the joy that research on variable stars brings to our lifes.

Simbad object(s): HD 120136, FZ Del, CU Tau, GP Vul, V 407 Peg, MR Del, GRB 090726,


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