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0135Four New Variable Stars in Ophiuchus
513 kB
Lorenzo Franco, Alessandro Marchini, Riccardo Papini2011-03-22
 Four new variable stars were discovered by serendipity in the Ophiuchus constellation during photometric analysis of the NEO Asteroid (1988 PA), pictures taken in July 2010 from A81 Balzaretto Observatory in Rome. Based on their light curves and colour indexes, the stars were classified in their variable class and registered in the Variable Star Index (VSX) hosted in the AAVSO web site, respectively as one eclipsing variable EA-type or short period eclipsing subgroup of RS CVn-type (UCAC3 196-166827), identified as the optical counterpart of 1RXS J180755.7+074717 X-ray source, two eclipsing binaries EW-type (UCAC3 196-166958 and UCAC3 196-167279) and one very likely as pulsating variable High Amplitude δ,, Scuti type (HADS) or SX Phe (UCAC3 196-167073).

Simbad object(s): 1RXS J180755.7+074717, 2MASS J18080597+0740273, 2MASS J18083292+0741486, 2MASS J18081384+0741164,


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