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0136Chromospherically active stars in the ROTSE-1 database: Paper 6. Variables 126 - 149
1495 kB
Christopher Lloyd, Joerg Schirmer, Klaus Bernhard, Peter Frank2011-04-01
 Another 24 new chromospherically active stars are presented, which were found in the ROTSE-1 database: GSC 02268-00394, GSC 01224-00894, GSC 00648-00579, GSC 02865-01987, GSC 01851-01202, GSC 00124-00551, GSC 00150-01109, GSC 01339-00572, GSC 02968-01511, GSC 03005-00885, GSC 01083-00698, GSC 03941-00354, GSC 04450-00134, GSC 05163-01764, GSC 01095-00848, GSC 04459-00659, USNO A2.0 1275-14029063, GSC 04247-00903, GSC 01656-01276, GSC 02197-01430, GSC 02227-01294, GSC 04480-00965, GSC 01159-00245, GSC 02237-01574. For one of these stars (GSC 00124-00551), further observations were made using a TeleView 509/5.0 telescope with a CCD camera SIGMA1603 and IR-cutting filter in Velden, Germany.

Simbad object(s): 1RXS J001658.9+335733, 1RXS J025521.3+153951, 1RXS J030825.5+080528, 1RXS J032043.5+392348, 1RXS J052059.3+244603, 1RXS J054517.9+053348, 1RXS J063102.8+032726, 1RXS J064907.0+195957, 1RXS J075846.1+421151, 1RXS J103419.7+410120, 1RXS J195753.8+142034, 1RXS J201518.9+560922, 1RXS J201609.9+705406, 1RXS J202333.7-014502, 1RXS J202823.9+113115, 1RXS J202935.2+735425, 1RXS J203806.8+394554, 1RXS J205731.0+600316, 1RXS J210324.7+193026, 1RXS J214116.5+265900, ...


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