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0138New Variable Stars Discovered from the Western Italian Alps I. Observations from Fields 12hr < RA < 24hr
2003 kB
Mario Damasso, Paolo Giacobbe, Giorgio Toso, Paolo Calcidese, Andrea Bernagozzi, Enzo Bertolini, Alessandro Sozzetti, Mario G. Lattanzi, Matteo Perdoncin, R. Smart2011-04-21
 We present 20 new variable stars discovered at the Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley in the course of observations carried out from April to October 2010. The list of the newly discovered stars comprises 19 pulsating variables (two of them should be classified as Delta Scuti and 16 as Mira Ceti-type/Semi-Regular pulsators), and one W UMa eclipsing binary system. Our proposed variability classification relies on the properties of the optical differential light curves that we obtained using less than 1-meter class telescopes.

Simbad object(s): NOMAD-1 1095-0381014, NOMAD-1 1095-0380572, IRAS 19106+1915, NOMAD-1 1095-0380434, NOMAD-1 1367-0306809, NOMAD-1 1095-0381250, NOMAD-1 1090-0387525, NOMAD-1 1093-0381534, NOMAD-1 1095-0382124, NOMAD-1 1090-0388621, NOMAD-1 1091-0387997, NOMAD-1 1093-0382699, IRAS 19124+1859, NOMAD-1 1094-0383234, NOMAD-1 1092-0387428, NOMAD-1 1091-0389915, NOMAD-1 1092-0388944, NOMAD-1 1077-0767537, NOMAD-1 1617-0165649, NOMAD-1 1616-0162705,


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