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0139Proceedings of the 42nd Conference on Variable Stars Research
4814 kB
R. Kocian, M. Vrastak, M. Skarka, L. Smelcer, T. Krejcova, J. Budaj, V. Krushevska, P. Zasche, M. Lehky, J. Liska, M. Zejda, N. A. Virnina, V. Simon2011-06-02
 Blazhko effect – a century old challenge, V2240 Cyg - interesting case of eclipsing binary with changes within O-C diagrams, Extrasolar planetary system WASP–10, Having CCD camera? Some tips what to observe and what not to observe, New ephemeris of the eclipsing binary V1060 Her, Restoration of the project PROSPER, Two Binary Systems with Unusually Asymmetric Light Curves, Two new eclipsing binary stars near the CN And, Two new eclipsing binary stars in field of HAT-P-16b, What the color indices can tell us about the optical counterparts of high energy sources

Simbad object(s): RW Per, TW Lac, CI Cam, V Sge, GSC 2792-1914, GSC 2792-1770, GSC 2786-1360, GSC 2786-1409, V361 Lyr, USNO-B1.0 1629-0064825, V1060 Her, AC Tau, SW Lac, V2388 Oph, V1031 Ori, EE Peg, BD –22 5866, V 505 Sgr, KR Com, WASP-10, ...


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