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0154Proceedings of the 43rd Conference on Variable Stars Research
3050 kB
R.Kocian, J.Liska, M.Skarka, M.Masek, V.Pribik, P.Cagas, 2012-12-09
 AV CMi preliminary results from photometric study, Blazhko effect and RR Lyrae type stars – light curve analysis, New variable stars CzeV 245, SvkV 23, CzeV 270 and CzeV 323, Several Peculiar Variable Stars Discovered in Zlín, Variable Stars Discovered at the Hinata Observatory, Wide-field imaging in variable star observing

Simbad object(s): V729 Aql, AV Cmi, V1010 Her, GSC 00330-01476, GSC 01070-01640, GSC 01079-00706, GSC 01625-01120, GSC 01983-01931, GSC 02619-00590, GSC 02712-00743, GSC 02712-01201, GSC 02761-01817, USNO-A2.0 0975-17294793, USNO-A2.,


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