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0156New Variable Stars in the Field of 1RSX J075330.1+044606
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Carsten Moos, Josch Hambsch,T.Krajci2013-04-11
 Based on the observing campaign of the cataclysmic variable 1RSX J075330.1+044606 we have found in the same field eight candidates of new variable stars. The variable type and the elements of each candidate are identified and presented. HMB14= UCAC3-190-083329 is an EW type variable showing the O’Connell effect (succeeding maxima are of unequal height), HMB15= UCAC3-190-083257, HMB17= GSC 00189-01448, HMB18= GSC 00189-01715, HMB19= UCAC3-191-085589 and HMB21= UCAC3-191-085396 are EW type variables, HMB16= UCAC3-190-083374 is an EA type variable of which the period is not yet secured, HMB20= UCAC3-190-083261 is an RRLyrae type RRab variable.

Simbad object(s): 1RSX J075330.1+044606, UCAC3-190-083329, UCAC3-190-083257, UCAC3-190-083374, GSC 00189-01448, GSC 00189-01715, UCAC3-191-085589, UCAC3-190-083261, UCAC3-191-085396,


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