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0170Possible candidates for multiple occurrence of variable stars in the VSX catalogue
1079 kB
Liska, J., Skarka, M., Auer, R. F., Prudil, Z., Juranova, A.2015-03-09
 A paper about variable stars with possible multiple occurrence in the VSX catalogue is presented. Our main criteria for identification of such duplicities were the angular distance among stars (below 1 arcmin) and close periods of objects. In our approach, we also considered double or half values of periods to reveal possible misclassification among stars with similar light curve shapes. The probability of false identification is expressed by the parameter R giving the relative difference between periods. We found 1487 pairs of stars in angular distance lower than 1 arcmin with period difference R lower than 0.1 %, which are high-probable candidates on duplicates. From this sample, 354 pairs have exactly the same periods (R = 0.0 %) and should be considered as definite duplicates. The main contribution of certain duplicates comes from the Catalina Sky Survey (73 pairs have two names with CSS acronym) and from the BEST projects (71 pairs). Distribution of identified duplicates on the sky is not homogeneous but contains surprising depression in Galactic plane.

Simbad object(s): KIC 10407221, KID 10342041, KID 10342065, V2083 Cyg, EP Ser, V2660 Oph, V0467 And, GM And, CSS_J160820.5+281303, CSS_J160820.5+281301, CSS_J160820.7+281300, ROTSE1 J160820.64+281244.1, CI CrB,


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