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0173Period analysis of a Blazhko star V0346 Draconis
2000 kB
Liška, J., Skarka, M.2015-10-15
 Period analysis of an RRab star V0346 Dra based on photometric measurements from NSVS and DASCH projects is presented. We confirm light curve modulation known from literature and estimate modulation period for the first time. NSVS measurements spanning one year allowed us to determine the length of the Blazhko cycle as 101(2) d. This value is close to 103.65(2)-day period estimated from photographic measurements from the DASCH project which have a lower quality but 92-year long timebase. Blazhko effect causes well apparent phase and amplitude modulation easily visible in O-C diagram and in maximum-O-C dependency.

Simbad object(s): V0346 Dra, ,


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