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0176Proceedings of the 47th Conference on Variable Stars Research
6319 kB
Kocián, R., Liška, J., Skarka, M., Hájková, P., Auer, R.F., Zasche, P., Mrllák, R., Bělík, M., Novák, R., Dvořáček, A., Gális, R., Hric, L., Leedjarv, L., Merc, J., Zejda, M., Andronov, I., Tkachenko, M.G., Chinarova, L.L., Paunzen, E., Mikulášek, Z., Caballero, J.A., Bahýl, V., Gajtanska, M.2016-03-29
 RR Lyrae stars in eclipsing systems - historical candidates, PHOEBE - step by step manual, CCD photometry on Observatory Úpice, Outburst activity of the symbiotic binary AG Dra, Report on observational activity in (summer) 2015, Phenomenological Modeling of Eclipsing Binary Stars, BRITE - constellation: Project of astronomical nanosatellites, (Sub-)stellar variability: from 20 Msol to 13 Mjup, The Variable Stars Program of Júlia Observatory & Computer Tomography Insight into the Surrounding Structures of the Close Binaries

Simbad object(s): VX Her, RW Ari, RZ Cet, OGLE-LMC-03541, OGLE-BLG-02792, TYC 1510-155-1, TYC 1510-36-1, AG Dra, Z And, QU Cyg, QX Cyg, GSC 03137-03322, 2MASSJ19584213+3814080, 2MASSJ19590752+3808528, 3UC257_183634, 3UC257_183888, 2MASSJ19585960+3813158, 2MASSJ11080447-6143290, USNO-B1.0 1266-0313413, S Ori 45, ...


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