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0177Southern Eclipsing Binary Minima and Light Elements, 2015
189 kB
Richards, Tom et al.2016-08-12
 We present 113 minima estimates of 27 southern eclipsing binaries obtained by members of the Southern Eclipsing Binary group of Variable Stars South using DSLR and CCD detectors. Where sufficient minima estimates of a target are obtained, we report the light elements derived from those minima, together with O-C comparisons with light elements in the literature.

Simbad object(s): MR Aps, NT Aps, V0535 Ara, V0878 Ara, V0454 Car, RR Cen, V0676 Cen, V0831 Cen, eps CrA, YY Gru, CN Hyi, NSV 1000, BO Ind, DE Mic, DI Mic, VV Ori, MW Pav, V0386 Pav, AD Phe, GZ Pup, ...


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