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0180Proceedings of the 48th Conference on Variable Stars Research
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Kocián, R., Bahýl, V., Gajtanska, M., Hanisko, P., Cagaš, P., Dubovský, P. A., Briukhovetskyi, O. B., Khlamov, S. V., Kudzej, I., Parimucha, Š.,Pohorelov, A. V., Savanevych, V. E., Vlasenko, V. P., Gális, R., Merc, J., Leedjärv, L., Hadrava, P., Koubský, P., Liška, J., Skarka, M., Sódor, Á., Bognár, Zs., Mikulášek, Z., Pribulla, T., Zejda, M., Vaňko, M., Molnár, L., Prudil, Z., Šimon, V., Zasche, P., Korčáková, D., Miroshnichenko, A., Shore, S. N.2017-04-19
 The BVRI photometry of the UZ Equulei system, Variable Stars in the Field of V729 Aql, FrameSmooth software - new tool for the calibration of astronomical images, Outburst activity of the symbiotic binary AG Dra, Disentangling of spectra of variable stars, Astronomical satellite Gaia: First results, Binary systems with an RR Lyrae component – progress in 2016, Phenomenological modelling of light curves of non-eclipsing double stars, The Keplerian revolution of variable stars, Multiple variability in RR Lyrae stars, Long-term activity of cataclysmic variables, Eclipsing binaries – selection of targets, B[e] Stars - Penetrating the Mystery of the Circumstellar Matter

Simbad object(s): UZ Equ, AG Dra, TU UMa, TU Com, KIC 2831097, RW Ari, OGLE-LMC-RRLYR-30844, GK Per, V1223 Sgr, V Sge, AM Her, FS CMa, HD 50138 (V743 Mon), HD 85567 (V596 Car), MWC 1055, AS 386, AS 446, MWC 17 (V832 Cas), MWC 645 (V2211 Cyg), AS 78 (MO Cam), ...


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