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0184GSC 04263-02166 is a low-amplitude multi-periodic delta Scuti variable
949 kB
Lloyd, C., Ogmen, Y., Koff, R. A., Cook, L. M., Pickard, R.2017-08-10
 GSC 04263-02166 is found to be a low-amplitude delta Scuti variable with at least four frequencies. The dominant one lies at f1=22.0156(9) c/d with the other most likely frequencies being 17.9703(14), 15.7615(20) and 22.9363(22) c/d. The full amplitudes are 8.2(4), 5.6(4), 3.8(4) and 3.5(4) millimagnitudes respectively and these four frequencies account for about 82% of the power in the variation. Any remaining frequencies lie below the noise limit of∼,,1.4 mmag. The frequency ratios of f2/f1=0.816 and f3/f2=0.877 suggest that the star is a non-radial pulsator.

Simbad object(s): GSC 04263-02166,


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