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0186Note on the Period of V883 Sco
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Richards, T., Butterworth, N., Blackford, M.G.2017-12-08
 Photometric data of the eclipsing binary V883 Sco obtained at Townsville Observatory since 2015 shows it is an eccentric system of type EA and has a period of 4.34119(4) d, not an EB/KE with period 1.29484 d as stated in the General Catalogue of Variable Stars and other sources. We also derive a new zero epoch from our primary minimum times of HJD 2457579.114(3). Our period is confirmed and rendered more precise by an analysis of INTEGRAL-OMC and ASAS3 data. An O-C analysis of earlier non-CCD minimum times (which led to the incorrect GCVS light elements) shows that our light elements can be applied with very good precision to them.

Simbad object(s): V883 Sco, HD 152754, HD 1525621, HD 151681, HD 152041,


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