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0187Proceedings of the 49th Conference on Variable Stars Research
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Kocián R., Bahýl V., Gajtanska M., Hanisko P., Krišták Ľ., Blažek M., Kabáth P., Klocová T., Skarka M., Grygar J., Kára J., Wolf M., Zharikov S., Vrašťák M., Zasche P., Liška J., Dřevěný R., Sódor Á., Barnes T. & Kolenberg K. 2018-04-16
 The variables V477 Peg and MW Com observation results, Automation of processing and photometric data analysis for transiting exoplanets observed with ESO NIR instrument HAWK-I, Infrared Astronomy, GJ 3236 - radial velocity determination, Recent photometry of selected symbiotic stars, Eccentric binaries – still interesting targets, Z CVn – Still mysterious

Simbad object(s): V477 Peg, MW Com, WASP-18, GJ 3236, UV Aur, YY Her, V443 Her, V1016 Cyg, PU Vul, V407 Cyg, V471 Per, ZZ CMi, NQ Gem, V934 Her, V335 Vul, V627 Cas, Z CVn,


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