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0193Short- and long-term variability of the ultrashort-period eclipsing RS CVn star V0648 Aur
292 kB
Monninger, G., Srdoc, G., Bernhard, K., Hummerich, S., Paunzen, E.2018-11-26
 Based on observations between 2006 and 2018, revised elements of the ultrashort-period eclipsing RS CVn variable V0648 Aur are given: HJD MinI =2457800.356(3) + 0.42246710(7)×E. An analysis of the observed times of minima reveals a probable near sinusoidal oscillation with a period of about 800 days. The corresponding (O-C) values of the secondary minima are situated opposite to the primary minima, which favours an interpretation in terms of the presence of pronounced starspots on at least one component over the assumption of a third, gravitationally-bound body. In addition to the star's highly variable light curve shape, observations of a probable flare event in 2012 and the appearance of an apparent hot spot in 2017 provide evidence for intense chromospheric activity and interaction between the two components.

Simbad object(s): V0648 Aur, GSC 3377-0179, GSC 3377-0811,


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