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0195Investigations on the nature of 6 suspected or hardly known variables in Equuleus
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Wunder, E.2019-03-06
 Six alleged variables in the constellation of Equuleus are examined using Catalina Sky Survey, NSVS and ASAS data. NSV 25461, NSV 13665 and NSV 13696 are of constant brightness, these objects should be removed from the list of suspected variable stars. ASAS J205848+0841.5 turned out to be a semi-regular variable star (SRA) with a pseudo-period of 80.12 days. GSC 00525-00380 is a W UMA eclipsing binary (P=0.315385 days), and NSVS 14398712 a Beta Lyrae variable star (P=20.4372 days).

Simbad object(s): GSC 01103-02460, GSC 00525-00380, GSC 00534-00978, GSC 00534-02183, GSC 00536-00780, GSC 01110-01001,


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