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0196Historic flares of the cataclysmic variable ASASSN-18aan
149 kB
Nesci, R., Tuvikene, T., Gualandi, R.2019-04-17
 The photometric variability of ASASSN-18aan has been studied on 93 pairs of $B$ and I plates of the Asiago Observatory archive. The plates were taken with the Schmidt 65/90 telescopes from 1967 to 1975. The star was found generally around B=17.5 mag, near the plate limit, but on four plates was definitely brighter. The I plates showed a light curve consistent with the B ones. We therefore confirm the cataclysmic-variable nature of this star, but the sampling is too sparse to firmly establish a recurrence time scale: a value of about 11 months is compatible with the present data. An X-ray counterpart was found in the Swift XRT archive, supporting the classification of the star. An optical spectrum taken in quiescence shows a clear emission at Halpha, as expected for a cataclysmic binary.

Simbad object(s): UCAC4 761-008050, ASASSN-18aan,


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