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0200Multi-epoch optical photometry and spectroscopy of AT-2019bsd: a fast FeII-type nova in M31
153 kB
U. Munari, P. Ochner2019-07-30
 We have obtained multi-epoch BV photometry and optical spectroscopy of the unclassified transient AT 2019bsd that appeared in March 2019 within a few arcmin from the center of M31. Our observations show it to be a FeII-class nova, characterized by a t2=9 days decline time and a FWHM=1650 km/s expansion velocity. The heliocentric radial velocity derived from hydrogen and FeII emission lines is about −,,400 km/s, in agreement with the bulk −,,300 km/s velocity of M31 galaxy. The absolute magnitude of AT 2019bsd close to peak brightness is M(V)=−,,9.6 mag with an uncertainty of 0.2 mag depending on the adopted reddening, and it is in agreement with prediction from magnitude at maximum vs rate of decline relations.

Simbad object(s): AT 2019bsd,


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