OEJV Editorial board

Refereeing papers by an editorial board was implemented to help authors publish high-quality and informative papers. OEJV international editorial board is composed from members of various European Variable Star Organizations. The number of editors may vary from time to time.

full name / CountryInstitute / Organizationphoto
Pavol A. Dubovsky
Slovakia, EU
Kolonicke sedlo Observatory
Ivan L. Andronov
Odessa National Maritime University, Ukrainian Astronomical Association (Vice-President on Amateur Astronomy)
Ennio Poretti
Italy, EU
INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
Petr Zasche
Czech Republic, EU
Astronomical Institute, Faculty of mathematics and physics, Charles University in Prague
Anton Paschke
Variable star and exoplanet section of Czech astronomical society
Marek Skarka
Konkoly Observatory, Hungarian Academy of Science

Editorial board at 05:32 2023-12-10

The OEJV is registered as on-line continuous journal: ISSN 1801-5964.
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