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2016-01-04OEJV editorial board wishes all the best and many clear nights to all authors and observers in 2016! Thank you for publishing in OEJV.
2015-02-06New templates for OEJV issues and instructions for authors can be found in section 'Upload your publication'. Please follow the recommendations and keep the format of your paper according to the templates.
2015-01-19New editor, Marek Skarka (Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic), has started his work in OEJV editorial board.
2011-07-16 OEJV was presented at Join European and National Meeting (JENAM) in St. Petersburg, 4th - 8th July 2011. In front of the poster are staying three members of the editorial board (from left) L. Brat, I. Andronov and A. Paschke.
2011-02-26New namelist of General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS) #80 issued by Kazarovets, Samus, et al. as IBVS 5969 is referencing 23 papers issued in OEJV. Many new variables published in OEJV have now its GCVS designation.
2009-04-01We have reached 100 paper published in OEJV today. Thanks to all attending authors and OEJV editors for their work!
2009-01-06Instruction for authors: if you are publishing paper based on original data (e.g. new variables discovery, reporting / analysing some observation), the original data must be attached to paper in ASCII format. Use appendix items in upload form.
2008-01-10New editor has started his work in OEJV editorial board. We're happy we can welcome Joachim Hübscher from BAV among OEJV editors.
2007-08-11New function was added to upload web-form. Authors can submit a paper with separate appendix - data tables, pictures or any format files. Max 5 appendicies can be attached to one paper.
We recommed to use appendicies especially for data (in ascii format - .txt) analysed in the main paper.
2007-01-29According to release of new version of Simbad database, internet links to "Simbad objects" in list of OEJV papers were slightly changed.
2007-01-03Template OEJV issues in MS Word and LaTeX format were prepared for authors. Please keep the same design in your papers.
2006-08-14Since August 2006, the OEJV became a refereed Journal, with an International Editorial Board. Submitted papers which receive a 75% positive vote, will be accepted to the Journal. Members of editorial board.
2006-06-17Important notice for readers of OEJV: The comments section is intended for commenting on the scientific content of a paper. More general comments should be sent directly to the author by email and the OEJV editors will provide contact details if required.
2006-03-14The function "Voting" was canceled in OEJV. We've decided to do this becouse just few people was voting and the obtained averaged Rating number was not representative. Some of authors was also affraid of getting bad rating by readers. The only function how readers can judge a paper is to insert a comment.
2006-02-05The cooperation with CDS Strasbourg has been extended from newly found variables to all object published in OEJV. Your paper published in OEJV will be listed among references for the studied object in Simbad query result.
This new feature also makes full working "Object search" function in Smithsonian/NASA ADS query page for OEJV publications.
Many thanks to Francois Ochsenbein from CDS Strasbourg!
2006-01-18OEJV was included to permanent archive of Czech National Library with web - gateway at All papers published in OEJV will be now permanently archived by professional librarians of Czech National Library for next generations.
2006-01-05In cooperation with CDS Strasbourg the new function has started. All newly discovered variable stars published in OEJV will be included in Simbad database with bibliographic reference to your paper in OEJV.
2006-01-03The "Simbad object(s)" field was added to OEJV structure. The structure was modified to improve "object search" in ADS/Simbad databases.
2005-12-27The OEJV was added to famous Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)! All papers publicated in OEJV are now visible / searchable via this universal astrophysics gateway!
2005-12-15The Czech ISSN National Centre have granted the ISSN 1801-5964 number to OEJV!
2005-11-20The OEJV was added to popular General search gateway. If someone will search information about object included in some OEJV paper, the publication will be successfully found.
2005-10-25New function, which shows language of the paper was added.
2005-10-22New function "rating" of each paper has been added. Voting is the following: 1=the best, 5=the worst
2005-10-21New function has been added - readers can now write comments to each paper. The comment is both visible in OEJV portal, both send to author by email.
2005-10-19New on-line upload form has been created to make sending publication easy. More.
2005-10-16New FULLTEXT searching tool has been added to this pages.
2005-10-16Many observers and researchers complains, that IBVS did not accept their paper because of ... many reasons. The Open European Journal on Variable stars has been found to give support to that observers / researchers. We accept studies, list of observations of both CCD and visual data.

The OEJV is registered as on-line continuous journal: ISSN 1801-5964.
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